This is our story.
A family adventure.

Our Love for Jerk Sauce

Our family has traveled throughout the Caribbean, for over 20 years, and love to explore different cultures through their foods. We came across jerk chicken on one of our earliest trips, and fell in love with it. Jerk sauce in the Caribbean is like hot sauce or barbecue sauce in the United States. Here in the United States, there are hot sauce and barbecue festivals and contests, and in the Caribbean, there are jerk festivals and contests, where jerk aficionados search for new, exciting jerk sauces. Jerk has a dedicated, international following for sure.

A Labor of Love

During our travels, we tasted fiery hot jerk chicken, sweet and savory jerk chicken, and every kind of jerk chicken on the jerk spectrum that you could ever imagine. After searching many different Caribbean cultures for jerk recipes, and comparing over 50 recipes, I made my first attempt at making my own jerk sauce. I tried varying amounts of Caribbean spices and ingredients, in an attempt to create the best jerk sauce out there. There was a lot of trial and error, but I eventually got the recipe right!!! I’ve spent 15 years developing Caybana Moon Jerk Sauce and marinade! It has truly been a labor of love.

There are few sauces in the world with this much flavor, and the level of heat varies from recipe to recipe. Here, at Caybana Moon, we have developed a mild and a spicy Caribbean jerk sauce and marinade. It is the most delicious sauce I have ever eaten! Our best advertising has been from our happy and satisfied customers! We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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